Tips Not To Miss Out On, In Your Visit To Thailand

There’s nothing more exciting than planning out a visit or a tour of another country. Regardless to whether it’s a short business trip, or if it’s a long awaited holiday, there’s no doubt that the excitement is the same. If you are lucky enough to be planning a trip to Thailand, and don’t really have anyone to guide you around to the best of the best in Thailand, then we’d like to help you figure out everything you shouldn’t miss out on, when you arrive.

The food, of course
Thai food is fast becoming so popular in the western world, that most people know what to expect when they look for food in Thailand. Besides the wonderful food you’ll experience in fine dining restaurants, don’t forget to check out the street food, and sample some of the food that is native to Thailand, and found nowhere else on earth. There’s something for everyone here; from the “noodle boats” for meat lovers, to “tom yum goong soup” for vegetarians, Thailand redefines the meaning of spicy food. Don’t forget to try the “stir-fried ice cream” if you visit the Phuket island. Popular with the tourists and locals alike this ice cream has a unique look and taste, and would be a shame to miss!

The sun, sea, and the beach
No trip to Thailand is complete without a visit to its beaches. If you plan on traveling alone, and connecting with your inner self, then opt for one of the many beaches found here. The Patong beach resorts are the ideal place to relax and maybe even meet a few interesting people (depending on the time of the day) if you are in the Italian resturant Phuket. Apart from the relaxation, the Patong beach resorts are also the perfect place for a romantic getaway with the love of your life. When talking of the sea, you mustn’t forget the sports and entertainment it offers. Thailand’s seas are very popular for snorkeling and diving. Island hopping, jet skiing and parasailing are also other entertainment available largely in Thailand.

The cultural sites.
Though it will be hard to see most of Thailand’s cultural spots if you only plan on staying a day or two, do at least try to fit in some of it into your trip.  Visit some of Thailand’s many temples, historical Parks or museums to get a glimpse of its past and culture. Visit the Elephant homes/sanctuaries and the tropical botanical gardens if you have an interest for nature and wildlife. Thailand has many magnificent viewpoints, both in the cities and out, that will surely blow your mind. Enjoy yourself and smile, after all, you are visiting “the land of smiles”!

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