Running Your Business Like A Pro

Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. One may be good at something that the others are practically clueless about. Just like that everyone is not cut out to be a businessman or an owner of a medium scale company. Shakespeare once said “some are born great. And some achieve greatness. But some have greatness thrust upon them”. Just like that you  by chance  you end up having greatness thrust upon you (or in this case a business) then you must do your very best to bring about justice to the greatness that has been thrust upon you. Here are some ways in which you can go from a mediocre or amateur businessman to a pro.

First things first. If you are going to be a businessman then its time you look like it. No, seriously you should. You must dress and dress well so that people will get the vibe that you are a non-nonsense-ready-for-business type of a person. That way your opponents, employees and colleagues will know that you are a pro and you have come to conquer. Dress well according to the occasion and the people you will be meeting. First impressions as well as body language really matters and this will help you secure good deals of seafood buffet n Bangkok. If you are absolutely lost about what you should wear then go for a formal dress code. My Moto is it is always better to overdressed than under dressed.

Secondly act like a businessman. A businessman is a person who sees an opportunity, evaluates it well for pros and cons and then grabs hold of the opportunity. A businessman is a person who can clearly differentiate between a profitable venture and a non-profitable one. They will not lose time and money trying to invest something that has no return or rather no profit. So a businessman will keep both eyes peeled on a daily basis anywhere and everywhere for good opportunities. He/she will act like a businessman and think like one too.

For an example even if he is on a vacation abroad he will look out for things that will help him out in his business. Like if he happen to go to hotels near bts Bangkok for a vacation or a trip and let’s say he checked in to Lumpini park hotel Bangkok which is an ideal location to have a business meeting he will think of his business and be like “hmm…this is a good place for me to bring my clients and board members for a business meeting” etc. He/ she should be a person who looks at a Dixie cup and think of all the things he can do with it (like how does he do cost cutting by using a healthy but cheaper cup type for the water cooler back at work and things like that). He/ she should be able to seize everything and convert it in to a profit making enterprise.

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