Fun Ways For Foodies To Celebrate Their Birthday

If you are anything like me then the majority of your days would revolve around food. This means not only preparing your own culinary masterpieces in the kitchen but also trying out every food you see. Hence you are more likely than not to drag your friends to every new restaurant and café that opens. Therefore if this sounds anything like you then you may want your birthday to also revolve around food. That is because is there any other way to celebrate your birthday than with the people and things you love the most. But we understand that one may not be able to come up with fun ideas.  

Plan a Food Crawl 

All the readers of this article may have heard of a pub crawl by now. Therefore why don’t you use this idea and instead apply it to restaurants in Pattaya? For instance, if one has a favourite cuisine that they cannot survive without then they can plan this entire day around it. This, therefore, means visiting an array of establishments to try out various food from this cuisine. This would be more fun if you can gather a group of friends to take with you. That is because everything is more fun in groups. Furthermore, if these establishments are located nearby you can walk from one place to the next. This would, therefore, allow time for food to digest. Moreover, you would also be hungry by the time you visit the next establishment.  

Eat Till You Can’t Eat Anymore 

Every foodie understands the other’s love for food but eating out regularly is never good on anyone’s wallet. However, there is a way to beat the house and that is through a buffetTherefore on your birthday why don’t you gather a group of friends and attend an all you can eat buffet. This would be an ideal time to try out as much food as possible. Furthermore, many of these offers are value for money. Therefore you can easily earn your money back. 

Host a Dinner Party 

Although you may love the idea of a dinner party and cooking birthdays are not the day that you want to spend in front of a stove. Therefore why don’t you go on to hire a chef to plan your party? This individual would go on to plan you a menu that is in accordance with your budget. Therefore on the day of the party, you would be able to relax and socialize. Check out more here   

These are tips that any foodie would truly love and appreciate. Therefore even friends and family of foodies can go on to execute these ideas for them. 

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