What Every Hotel Website Should Have

Today most things are done online with a simple click of a button or rather a touch of a screen. And no matter what it might be, most people prefer dealing with things through online sources. And so it is no wonder that this method of transacting and entering in to agreements has become more and more popular. And today, even the booking and checking in to hotels could be done through online sources. And so as a hotelier yourself, you should make sure that your website is designed in a way it could be easily accessed by any person. Here are some of the necessities it should be having.  

Short and simple  

Too much detail in any boutique hotel website is not only unnecessary but it is also inconvenient to the client trying to access the website. And so, a website should be designed in a way how a trailer for a movie is designed. Trailers don’t tell you all that the movie is going to be about, but it does give a gist as to what you should be expecting, rather than giving it all away. So design the website short and simple with clear access to a “book now” option and other necessities they would be expecting to find by accessing your website. Check out more by visiting https://www.nexthotels.com/hotel/kiridara-luang-prabang/ 

Real pics 

Don’t bluff and use false advertising like those burgher ads we see on TV. Not only does the burgher not look anything like it is advertised, but it isn’t even of the same size and it is certainly disappointing to be a prey to such false and exaggerated advertising. And this is also the main reason why certain guesthouses lose clients, because the expectations such clients have are too high to be met by the hotel. Thus ending up in losing valuable customers. So make sure you only have real pictures on display, so that your clients have a proper idea on the kind of place they would be spending their valuable time and money on. And you could always add in little unexpected surprises like a free trip to the spa hotel Luang Prabang courtesy of the guesthouse, an all you can eat buffet, and even free complementary gift items! This way not only would you be meeting the expectations of the clients, but you are also going beyond!  

True and clear pricing 

The clients like to be aware of the cost they would have to incur by choosing to stay with your hotel. So let them know beforehand on the prices of the services and packages you have to offer. Make sure that such prices are also depicted in a currency that is of their local one or could be changed to a convenient currency, by providing them with the conversion option.  

Clear depiction and reassurance  

Make sure that a clear “book now” option is presented on the site where the details of the deal the client is signing in to is also clearly displayed. This way the client is reassured that he or she would be provided with all that they are paying for. You could also include the discounts and added perks as a part of the information provided based on the deal.  

Design your website to include the above and watch your number of bookings grow by and by!

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