What You Should Not Be Doing As Tourist In Laos?

Whether you decide to visit Laos from the get-go or whether you decide to drop a visit to the country whilst visiting another neighbouring country in Indochina, there are plenty of things that you should know before you reach this overlooked spot on the tourist map. Laos is a beautiful country and worthy of the attention it has been gaining, but it goes without saying that there are rules you should be following to avoid any incidents during your stay. Here are some things you should not be caught doing in the country: 

  • Indulge in drugs – there are plenty of bars in Vientiane Laos, the capital of Laos, and drinking is perfectly fine. The welcoming nature of most hosts will often see you being offered more than you can drink, but you are safe to decline drinks if you had enough or simply do not drink. The issue, however, lies in drugs, which are against the law. There is an influx of marijuana, heroin and the like, and many street vendors and shady clubs offer them. Laos is not your destination if you are planning to take part in these activities, as you can find yourself in serious trouble with the law if you get caught. 
  • Prostitution – Despite the presence of the many Vientiane bars and clubs, prostitution and sexual services are forbidden by the law. If you search around, you will most likely find a number of shady spas and masseurs that willingly offer such services – or you might even find that your tuk-tuk driver or guide is willing you to introduce you to someone. Your best bet in these situations is to simply refuse and turn heel as quickly as possible. There is a good chance that the police are collaborating as a way of catching wrongdoers, and it is best to avoid any kind of trouble with the police whilst in Laos. If you are in need of spas or massages, the safest option is to rely on the services of the high-end hotels in the capital, which provide qualified services. View more information by visiting http://vientiane.crowneplaza.com/
  • Get too touchy – public displays of affection and invading personal space is frowned upon in Laos. As yet another conservative country in Asia, this applies to both instances of holding hands, hugging, etc. with your family members (especially of the opposite sex), and to touching Lao people as well. Sexual relations with a native who you are not married to is a criminal offence, and a mere accusation can land you in trouble, not to add, the whole practice of touching another person in public is simply poorly accepted by the local community. When greeting the locals, avoid handshakes and opt for the local greeting of joining your hands together with a bow (as in prayer). 

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Why Should You Look Online When Planning Your Travel?

Do you have a work trip coming up and you are looking for places to stay at and because you will be traveling alone for the first time in your life, you are feeling quite anxious about it? Or have you been planning a vacation with your best friends for months and now that you have all decided you want to visit Bangkok, you are taking the next step and looking for places to stay at when you get there? Whatever the case may be, not only is traveling fun but it can also be a great bonding experience whether you choose to travel with your friends, family or even your partner.  

But just like anything else in life, during your research, you may have found that you are able to find services at different price ranges. So it is up to you to set a budget for yourself, or for you and your friends if you are all traveling together so that you may not only have a comfortable experience but you will also be able to narrow down your options and make better choices such as if you want to stay at Bangkok hostels. One of the best ways you can find the best services is to look online. Read below to know many more benefits and reasons as to why you should look online when planning your trip. View more here https://www.lubd.com/

Find better rates 

If you are looking at travel magazines or newspapers while looking for different airlines and agencies that take you on tours, you may have noticed that the prices are quite set and also high and this may even make you feel like you do not want to travel because it is so costly but if you do a simple search, you will be able to find flight tickets at much more affordable costs and you may even be able to find discounts depending on the season and the availability. Some websites even allow you to choose which seat you like when purchasing a ticket, so if you like a window seat, you can get just that. 

But that is not all you can find, after you have got your ticket, you can also look for places to stay at when you arrive at your destination and find affordable accommodation for you and your friends such as phuket town hostels. 

Learn more about the country 

Doing research online will inform you about what you will need to be prepared for when you arrive, if the climate is warmer there, you can then purchase and pack clothing made of lighter fabric and if it is colder, you can choose thicker fabrics. You will also be able to learn about different things that are either found to be offensive to the locals there and even learn certain common phrases in their language and impress them and make new friends as well! 

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