Songdo International Business District- What Is It?

Also known as Songdo, Songdo IBD is an urban eco city constructed on reclaimed land in the City of Incheon. The project began in 2002 and is due for completion by 2020, costing nearly 40 million USD making it the world’s most expensive project.   

The city was made with the purpose of being eco-friendly thus reducing the need for privately owned cars. The result is an extensive cycle system consisting of 15 mile long bicycle lanes that connect to an even larger 90 mile network in the main city.  

Furthermore to encourage the citizens to walk, at least 40% of the total area is dedicated to nature and green space.  The large steel skyscrapers surrounded by greenery and trees seems like a set from a sci-fi movie but it’s real.  

The entire city is breathtakingly beautiful. 

Furthermore and with all regards what truly makes it so interesting is the sheer scale of the project. Every building has built in computers connecting the entire city in a network. Every house, every apartment is equipped with new and modern technology. Lighting, heating, air-conditioning and more can all be controlled by a remote. The water pipes are designed to make the maximum use of water to ensure that nothing is wasted. Garbage disposal is quick and efficient via the use of tubes that take the garbage underground and sorts it appropriately. 

Tourists and Koreans from other parts of the country can visit and stay in the many songdo park hotel. They are all equipped with many facilities and are eco-friendly. Furthermore exploring the city is something everyone should do if they are in South Korea. There is so much to see and learn from. While the city may seem like a utopian paradise, cost of living is pretty high and not many can afford to stay there permanently as of yet.  

However due its close proximity to Incheon and Seoul, people continue to travel to Songdo. If you are a foreign traveler, when you land in the Airport, you could stay the night and enjoy a meal in any of the restaurants in incheon before heading off to Songdo. View more here 

Ultimately this city is inspirational. The reason this city exists is to protect our world; to protect this planet we live on. Global warming is a reality and climate change is happening. So it is our duty to protect the environment. Songdo is doing its part albeit it’s expensive and time consuming and given the state of an individual’s income, in a way it may seem impractical. However we have to learn from the city and incorporate better eco-friendly practices in our lives. 

If you are in South Korea or planning to go there in the future, make sure to travel to Songdo and explore the city. You would be thankful for the experience. 

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