Southeast Asia And Your First Wedded Nights

It has become more and more common for people to enjoy their honeymoons in exotic countries: the better accessibility to these countries, as well as the focus on adventure and exploring has made certain countries, previously rarely visited during a honeymoon, hotspots for most couples looking for an active and memorable honeymoon. Asia largely fits the bill under this description, and even within this large continent, Southeast Asia has slowly but surely gained prominence as a honeymoon location for couples wanting to experience nature and relaxation with a dash of adventure. That being said, planning a honeymoon in Southeast Asia must be done carefully, or you risk ending up in unfavourable situations due to your own carelessness. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind: 

  • Always pack more money than you believe you will need: Southeast Asia, and even the more popular areas such as the luxury honeymoon resorts in Bali, tend to be cheaper than your rates in any of the developed countries of the Global North. As such, you will naturally spend less on food, travel or other necessities – but it is often in your best interests to have more money with you. Unexpected situations can always arise, but this is more because countries in Southeast Asia tend to enjoy a culture of food markets and the like – and you will easily find yourself digging into the food carts along the roads. Not to add, the souvenirs you can buy from these countries tend to be very unique and beautiful, and it always best to have more money on hand for these. 
  • Do not stick to the well-known locations only: the best luxury resorts in Bali and similar well-known cities of this sub-continent will naturally offer you a one-of-a-kind experience, but in Southeast Asia – just as in most other Asian locations – truly beautiful experiences can be made only when you take the lesser known paths. This is because many locations in these countries are yet to gain prominent attention – whether it is pristine beaches to bathe in or lush jungles to trek through. Sometimes, a local guide can show you more of the country than you will ever see, so do not hesitate to take detours along the way. 
  • Pack sandals – if there is one piece of golden advice that applies to Southeast Asia, it is to take sandals with you – easily removable ones that is. You will most likely visit the many temples and other holy sites that are present in almost every region of these countries, and the common etiquette that applies to these is that they expect you to visit these holy sites barefoot. Wearing sports shoes might be comfortable, but repeatedly taking them on and off is not, so sandals are often the better option if you are sightseeing the cities. 

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