If your college or university or workplace were in a region far from home, then, it would be difficult to commute from your resident to the new location. Therefore, you will have to resort to finding a lodging closer and convenient to travel to the destination. Given this fact, it’s important that you be cautious about certain factors before signing the contract. Moreover, there are a number of mistakes that tenants commit, when they search for these accommodations.

There are many real estate dealers, boasting about a premise and showing attractive contracts that individuals fall prey to. Were you ever bothered to read through the contract, before shifting? Have you faced a situation where the landlord turned up in front of the doorstep and asked you to vacate the place in a week or so? If not and you don’t want to face such ugly situations, here are some mistakes that you should refrain:

a.    Exchanging the contract without knowing the clauses

As mentioned above, some landlords could be really persuasive and you might fall for the flowery words. Especially, if you’re looking for long term rental in Phuket or other areas, read the contract. For a better perspective, get your legal advisor or colleague familiar with renting contracts to proof read it.

b.    Examining damages that were pre-existing

Another mistake that most of you should avoid is avoiding damages that were already there, before you shifted. Make sure during the inspection, you note these down and discuss it with the renter. Get a written and signed document stating that the landlord is responsible to fix the damages. As evidence, make sure that you take pictures, which give the date and time, so that the renter cannot back out.

c.    Step back for taking action against law breaking acts of the landlord

There are sets of regulations that have been designed by the local authorities regarding the safety of premises and repairs that could pose a danger to the occupants. If after giving notices and calls, the landlord shuns away from looking into it, call the relevant authorities and disclose the information. Don’t shift or sign the contract of the apartments for rent in Pattaya without sorting this out.

d.    Unaware of the neighbourhood

On the other hand, there are some in the rush of searching, signing the contract or lease and moving in forget the surroundings. Especially, if you have little ones, you should be cautious about the area. Meet some neighbours or check the local police website, regarding the safety of the neighbourhood.

You might not even realize when you would have committed some of these blunders. For that matter, it’s important that you do a thorough search. Moreover, get your legal advisor to proof read the contract and know the terms, before signing it. That said, move into a rental accommodation with a peace of mind.

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